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Pioneer Local Council Elections in Hebron

On July 2; CHF in the West Bank & Gaza, the Municipality of Adh Dhahiriya, the Ministry of Local Government, and funder USAID, inaugurated the Citizen Service Center in Adh Dhahiriyah Municipality in the southern West Bank. A Citizen Service Center is a centralized location in a municipality where citizens can access services in a transparent and automated manner. With USAID funding, Global Communities (Formerly CHF International) has established 14 such centers, and is planning an additional 11 centers.

The USAID funded, CHF International implemented Local Democratic Reform engaged with youth through the Youth Local Council (YLC) project in 12 communities. In this picture youth in Halhoul organized the first National Cultural Festival and Trade Fair in their city in coordination with their local government. This festival was attended by over a thousand citizens and was deemed a success.

Under the patronage of his Excellency Dr. Rami Al Hamdalla, the Grapes Festival was launched yesterday in Hebron Governorate. Through funds from USAID, and to support the Youth Local Councils(YLCs), Global Communities (Formerly CHF International) encouraged youth empowerment and participation in the festival by supporting Halhul YSLC.

An old key for Al Burj School in Hebron. The school is located in a community identified as the neediest in a study done by the USAID funded, CHF International implemented, Emergency Jobs program. The Secondary Girls School required considerable rehabilitation to be a functioning and dignified learning space. EJP undertook this project, which benefitted 656 students and teachers.

Hebron Municipality, with the support of Global Communities, launched the process of developing Hebron City’s first Strategic Development and Investment Plan (SDIP) based on the national SDIP manual recently modified by the Ministry of Local Government. The launch took place in the form of an open meeting held last week, and

The concept of the Citizen Service Centers was developed from the successful experience...