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About 870 youth in Qalqiliya registered to vote for the 13 (YLC) candidates, up from around 340 in the last election. “Youth are very excited to participate and this is a very high rate of voters compared to the first round of elections, which is an indication to success,â€‌ said CHF’s Participatory Governance Coordinator for the North area, Mr. Mohammed Neirat. This initiative funded by USAID and implemented by CHF International in partnership with Sharek under the LGI Program will establish YLCs to mirror local councils in its formation, composition, functions, and role to sensitize and enhance Palestinian youth understanding of local governance functions, and good democratic governance practices.

Furat is one of the 13 Youth Local Council (YLC) candidates, who came to vote for the second term in her hometown Qalqilya. “ I hope to win and become a member of the (YLC). I want to be part of the change process made by youth here in Qalqiya. I used facebook as a means of advertisement, and hope that people vote for me.”

Global Communities, USAID, the Ministry of Local Government, Qalqilya governorate, Kafr Thulth municipality, and local citizens participated in the inauguration ceremony of the Kafr Thulth Citizen Service Center (CSC). The CSC, established in 2014 under the USAID-funded Local Government and Infrastructure (LGI) Program, provides more efficient services

The concept of the Citizen Service Centers was developed from the successful experience...