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Four Homes of Mercy

As we walked through the newly rehabilitated corridors of the Four Homes of Mercy, I couldn’t help notice the sincere gratitude expressed by the board members. We then heard music echoing through the corridors which led us to the ward of the physically and mentally challenged patients. The ward was filled with patients playing on musical instruments and dancing with huge smiles on their faces. They were filled with joy and asked for no sympathy.

As we entered the room they got more excited and energetic. They were happy to have guests over. I wondered if I could be as strong if I was in their position. Seeing the patients was one side of the tale, but hearing their stories was another. Some patients were orphans; others were neglected by their families and denied their needs; and some were brought the day they were born and never saw their families again. It was heart breaking to hear that some of the patients were chained and treated terribly by their families. But fortunately Four Homes of Mercy became a home to those who never had a home.

The rehabilitation work undertaken by LGI with funds from USAID will now allow the patients and staff of the society to live in a new and improved home. Even though I believe that no matter what we do, it is still not enough. We went on one visit and tears filled our eyes the moment we entered the building, imagine what happens to those who deal with the patients on a daily basis? Cleaning them, dressing them, entertaining them, feeding them, and trying to make them feel like they are their family. We saw, we were shaken, but then what? Do we forget? With the difficulties being faced by Four Homes of Mercy with regards to their financial situation, one wonders what will happen to these patients in the future.

I believe we need to do more to help the patients of this society and others like these. I believe we should open our eyes just a bit, and look around us, forget about politics and forget about economics for a moment and remember to help, not have pity, but help those who are less fortunate than us.