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Our youth are our future. Global Communities – West Bank & Gaza, in cooperation with Injaz, is reaching out to Palestinian youth to enhance their understanding of women in leadership and gender mainstreaming. Global Communities and Injaz, working in coordination with the Ministry of Education, selected 10 girls’ schools from across the West Bank to participate in a special activity entitled “Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Promoting Leadership and Labor Opportunities among Young Women.â€‌

    Anabta Citizen Service Center Inauguration Ceremony

Congratulations to Anabta Municipality (Tulkarm Governorate) on the construction of the new Citizen Service Center (CSC) funded by USAID, that has been recently constructed, and will be open soon to provide citizens with better, more efficient municipal services.

With USAID funding, CHF International and ‘Illar Municipality have completed construction of a state-of-the-art Citizen Service Center

CHF International launched its Physical Planning Intervention for five Local Councils including Beit Jalah, Ar - Ram, Bir Zeit, ‘Aqraba, ‘Anabta, and Al-Yamun under the Local Government and Infrastructure Program funded by USAID. 15 representatives attended the meeting including local council heads and members. The LGI team introduced the main objectives of the meeting including the launching of physical planning and aerial photography projects. The team also introduced the consulting firms’ staff who will visit local councils during the upcoming ten months. Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders were explained including CHF’s role in closely following up on all technical and physical planning aspects.

As part of the Food Security Program CHF International in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), undertook an emergency food distribution Anabta, Tulkarem Governorate. The assistance is being provided in response to the devastating flooding in the town of Anabta, following the most severe winter storm to hit the region in the last 30 years.

440 interested youth in Anabta, Tulkarem Governorate, are diligently prepared for the new round of Anabta Youth Local Council (YLC) elections today, Dec 27, 2012. The 13 youth who meet the qualification criteria to serve as a General Assembly will be democratically elected to form the local youth council. This initiative funded by USAID, and implemented by CHF International under the LGI Program aims to establish YLCs to mirror the local council in its formation, composition, functions, and role to sensitize and enhance Palestinian youth understanding of local governance functions, and good democratic governance practices.

"Anabta Clean and Traffic Safe" This initiative is part of the Local Governance and Infrastructure Program “LGIâ€‌ funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented by CHF International.

    "نحن الآن نشعر بأننا جزء من المجتمع" حنان وسالم من علار مركز خدمة الجمهور في بلدية علار – طولكرم، يفتح أبوابه لاستقبال المستفيدين. حنان استطاعت لأول مرة زيارة مركز خدمة الجمهور

The concept of the Citizen Service Centers was developed from the successful experience...