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West Bank & Gaza

  GLOBAL COMMUNITIES/CHF International Mourns the Loss of its Staff member in Gaza: “On behalf of the Global Communities/CHF International team in Palestine and the rest of the world, I extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of our colleague and brother Shadi Farwana. Shadi was killed in Khan Younis due to an attack

  For 20 years, Global Communities (CHF) has delivered humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza. In response to the current crisis and the escalating emergency humanitarian situation, we are increasing our assistance to provide emergency humanitarian support. Since July 7, 2014, 500 Palestinians have been killed, over 3,000 injured, and nearly

2014 Gaza Crisis

With the new white season in Ramallah, Global Communities‘ team celebrated the brand lunch on their own way. Everybody was very happy and excited to write our name on the snow and colored in green. That was amazing!

We are Global Communities, we are Partners for Good..

❖ 20,000 youth across the West Bank elect 700 members to Youth Local Councils for two-year terms. ❖ There are over 40 YLCs across the West Bank, carry out community development projects that are engaging and improving their communities.  ❖ Youth are given 300 hours of training on leadership skills like project management,

Global Communities recently wrapped up a project to measure the sustainability of Palestinian civil society organizations (CSOs). This project represented our participation in the preparation of the “2013 CSO Sustainability Index for the Middle East and North Africa” – Global Communities conducted the part of the study that involved

Effective January 1, 2015, CHF Ryada became VITAS Palestine. VITAS Group, is a commercial holding company created by Global Communities as a long-term vehicle for fulfilling Global Communities’ mission in microfinance and small- and medium-enterprise finance. VITAS Palestine is part of the global VITAS Group, which was created on the belief that

Since 2004, Global Communities has worked with municipalities to improve local governance through a tri-fold strategy of community participation, leadership development and service delivery, complemented by ongoing engagement with national policy development. The "Center for Governance Excellence" model, is one of several