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Youth Local Councils (YLCs)

Furat is one of the 13 Youth Local Council (YLC) candidates, who came to vote for the second term in her hometown Qalqilya. “ I hope to win and become a member of the (YLC). I want to be part of the change process made by youth here in Qalqiya. I used facebook as a means of advertisement, and hope that people vote for me.”

   Ms. Lana Abu Hijleh, Global Communities Country Director in the West Bank and Gaza, was recognized by the John McNulty Prize committee for her leading role in improving and implementing the “Youth Local Councils” initiative in Palestine. In a ceremony held in New York City, Ms. Abu Hijleh received an award for being one of

Lana Abu-Hijleh, Country Director of Global Communities-West Bank/Gaza was one of the key founders of Youth Local Councils initiative. The initiative is nominated for the McNulty Prize - 2017. For more information please visit: http://mcnultyfound.org/impact/stories/youth-local-councils#globalcommunitiesWBG #McNultyPrize #Palestine

Youth Leading Council has been selected as one of four McNulty Prize Laureates for 2017. The venture is nominated for a $100,000 prize! For more information please visit: http://mcnultyfound.org/impact/stories/youth-local-councils #McNultyPrize #Palestine #globalcommunitiesWBG

❖ 20,000 youth across the West Bank elect 700 members to Youth Local Councils for two-year terms. ❖ There are over 40 YLCs across the West Bank, carry out community development projects that are engaging and improving their communities.  ❖ Youth are given 300 hours of training on leadership skills like project management,

Hundreds of youth participated in the Youth Local Council (YLC) elections held in two communities over the weekend. The YLCs in Beit Sahur and Ar Ram kicked off the 2015 elections, and 16 additional YLCs will hold their elections over the coming months. Congratulations go out not only to those who won, but also to those who fulfilled

Since 2004, Global Communities has worked with municipalities to improve local governance through a tri-fold strategy of community participation, leadership development and service delivery, complemented by ongoing engagement with national policy development. The "Center for Governance Excellence" model, is one of several

Despite so many news stories focusing on the violence and turmoil that have affected the Middle East in the last few years, nothing could have been further from my mind during my last trip to the West Bank.

Youth Local Councils (YLCs) are youth bodies democratically elected by their peers...

Global Communities continues to work closely with communities on the ground to help mitigate the effects of limited employment opportunities and an unstable economy, and the harsh effects both have on young people in particular. Its programs are targeted to the needs and circumstances experienced by youth, and are developed with long-term