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Emergency Job Program (EJP)

An old key for Al Burj School in Hebron. The school is located in a community identified as the neediest in a study done by the USAID funded, CHF International implemented, Emergency Jobs program. The Secondary Girls School required considerable rehabilitation to be a functioning and dignified learning space. EJP undertook this project, which benefitted 656 students and teachers.

Global Communities in the West Bank & Gaza Since 1994, Global Communities has successfully managed around 21 major programs in the West Bank and Gaza, primarily focusing on: community basic infrastructure development and emergency job creation; local democratic reform and good governance promotion; food aid and emergency livelihoods support; enhancement

Global Communities has long been a leader in infrastructure development and construction management. The core of our approach is working in partnership with communities, the private sector, local governments, ministries and donors to build the services that communities need to create a better and sustainable future.   Throughout

In 2007, Palestinians were facing a deteriorating humanitarian situation, stifled economy, and unemployment as high as 37% in Jenin (West Bank) and 44% in Khan Younis (Gaza)

Global Communities supports the development of the economy in the West Bank and Gaza both directly, and also by implementing programs to improve the human, economic, infrastructural, and governance resources of the region over the long-term.  Creating an Enabling Environment The bulk of Global Communities' current work in the

Globally, buildings account for 40 percent of global carbon emissions making them a major polluter.