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Local Government and Infrastructure (LGI)

Global Communities continues to work closely with communities on the ground to help mitigate the effects of limited employment opportunities and an unstable economy, and the harsh effects both have on young people in particular. Its programs are targeted to the needs and circumstances experienced by youth, and are developed with long-term

Global Communities supports the development of the economy in the West Bank and Gaza both directly, and also by implementing programs to improve the human, economic, infrastructural, and governance resources of the region over the long-term.  Creating an Enabling Environment The bulk of Global Communities' current work in the

Globally, buildings account for 40 percent of global carbon emissions making them a major polluter.

The Local Government and Infrastructure program (LGI), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by CHF International, aims to promote an enabling environment for good local governance and provide the basic infrastructure necessary for sustainable improvements in the quality of life for Palestinians. The

Despite a long history of active female public and political engagement in the territories, Palestinian women still face crushing gender inequality in the public and private sectors. Global Communities works to respond to these realities and enact a vision where all social groups, including women, are able to full participate in