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Under the patronage of his Excellency Dr. Rami Al Hamdalla, the Grapes Festival was launched yesterday in Hebron Governorate. Through funds from USAID, and to support the Youth Local Councils(YLCs), Global Communities (Formerly CHF International) encouraged youth empowerment and participation in the festival by supporting Halhul YSLC.

We are Global Communities, we are Partners for Good..

Congratulations to Anabta Municipality (Tulkarm Governorate) on the construction of the new Citizen Service Center (CSC) funded by USAID, that has been recently constructed, and will be open soon to provide citizens with better, more efficient municipal services.

Today we launched an exciting, new national initiative with our partners, including Sharek Youth Forum and many of the Youth Local Councils (YLCs) we work with, called “Friendly cities for people with disabilities - time to make a difference!â€‌ The initiative hopes to create awareness about the needs of persons with disabilities to live comfortably in â€کfriendly cities.’ The initiative also sheds light on the responsibility of local bodies to ensure their participation in making buildings and public spaces easily accessible for all.

Basha’er Othman, Youth Local Council President from Illar, served as Minister of Local Government for one day on 22 August following her recent appointment by Minister Sa’ed Al-Koni. On her day as Minister, Basha-er said her top orders of business were to continue the work she has done in her capacity as YLC President by: bolstering support for youth in good government and democratic processes, addressing rampant youth unemployment especially among recent graduates, encouraging increased investment in Area C, and learning more about the structure of government and its regulations. Minister Sa’ed said he was delighted to have Basha’er’s one day of service and that her appointment was a sign of progress. “This just goes to show that a young Palestinian woman can play a role as an important partner in Palestine.â€‌ Bash’er has been an active member of the YLC, an initiative implemented by Global Communities as part of the USAID-funded Local Government and Infrastructure (LGI). Previously Basha’er served as acting mayor of Illar for two months when she worked directly with municipal council members and staff.

Basha’er Othman, a 15 years old young lady from ‘Illar,was appointed Minister for one day by Minister of Local Government, Mr. Sa’ed Al-Koni.

On July 2; CHF in the West Bank & Gaza, the Municipality of Adh Dhahiriya, the Ministry of Local Government, and funder USAID, inaugurated the Citizen Service Center in Adh Dhahiriyah Municipality in the southern West Bank. A Citizen Service Center is a centralized location in a municipality where citizens can access services in a transparent and automated manner. With USAID funding, Global Communities (Formerly CHF International) has established 14 such centers, and is planning an additional 11 centers.

24/06/2013 – Under the patronage of the Minister of Public Works & Housing Mr. Maher Ghnaim and with USAID funding, Global communities (Formerly CHF International), the Engineers Association, and Palestinian Higher Green Building Council launched the Palestinian Green Building Guidelines today in Al-Bireh. Over 200 engineers, contractors, municipalities, ministry representatives, and NGOs attended the one-day event, which included an overview of the new guidelines and comparison of Palestinian guidelines with similar systems from the U.S. and U.A.E.

With USAID funding, CHF International and ‘Illar Municipality have completed construction of a state-of-the-art Citizen Service Center