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58 Engineering Fellows participated in a field visit to the Waste water Treatment Plant of Al-Bireh City, and to Rawabi City. This initiative is part of the Local Governance and Infrastructure Program (LGI), funded by USAID, and implemented by CHF International.

Furat is one of the 13 Youth Local Council (YLC) candidates, who came to vote for the second term in her hometown Qalqilya. “ I hope to win and become a member of the (YLC). I want to be part of the change process made by youth here in Qalqiya. I used facebook as a means of advertisement, and hope that people vote for me.”

CHF International in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) continues to distribute food packages in the West Bank.

CHF International in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), undertook an emergency food distribution in Gaza Strip today November 21, 2012. Food packages were provided to 12,000 Gazans in need.

Students from Qira Primary Co-educational School enjoying their new school, Qira, Salfit Governorate.

The participants of the OASIS500 taking a picture with CHF International’s Country Director Lana Abu Hijleh, PADICO’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Samir Huleileh , and the Chairman of OASIS500 at the back Dr. Usama Fayyad.

The USAID funded, CHF International implemented Local Democratic Reform engaged with youth through the Youth Local Council (YLC) project in 12 communities. In this picture youth in Halhoul organized the first National Cultural Festival and Trade Fair in their city in coordination with their local government. This festival was attended by over a thousand citizens and was deemed a success.

Students in Hatta Elementary school enjoyed an open day to celebrate International Earth Day, implemented by CHF International through the Local Government and Infrastructure program with funding from USAID. Students participated in art projects, printed their hands on a pledge to protect the natural environment in their village and performed skits and songs about topics related to environmental stewardship. â€کButtercup the clown’ also visited the students and talked to them about littering including the length of time it takes for average items of trash to break down if thrown on the ground. Students also enjoyed face painting and balloon animals as part of the festivities.

An old key for Al Burj School in Hebron. The school is located in a community identified as the neediest in a study done by the USAID funded, CHF International implemented, Emergency Jobs program. The Secondary Girls School required considerable rehabilitation to be a functioning and dignified learning space. EJP undertook this project, which benefitted 656 students and teachers.

A road being constructed by the Local Government and Infrastructure program being implemented by CHF International with funding from USAID in Yasid, Nablus. The road is one of 35 being constructed/rehabilitated by the program. The communities through a participatory planning process highlighted these projects as the top priority.