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Bethlehem Christmas Photo Competition

    Anabta Citizen Service Center Inauguration Ceremony

With the new white season in Ramallah, Global Communities‘ team celebrated the brand lunch on their own way. Everybody was very happy and excited to write our name on the snow and colored in green. That was amazing!

Global Communities (formerly CHF International) has finished construction of a large steel-structure pedestrian bridge which spans the main road between Ramallah and Nablus. The project also included building retaining walls and sidewalks as well as constructing two pedestrian bus shelters and adding bus parking lanes to the road. Prior to construction of the bridge, students had to wait up to an hour to cross the road with the help of school staff, causing daily traffic back-ups and delaying drivers during one of the busiest times of day. Now, the community report that the traffic jams have been resolved and students, teachers and parents feel that children are much safer going to school. This project has been funded by USAID and implemeneted by Global Communities.

November 20, 2013. Global Communities has launched the 6th round of the Engineering Fellows Program, providing fellowships in engineering throughout the West Bank to 52 new graduates. This program is funded by USAID and implemented by Global Communities with partner EAJC.

On Nov, 6th, 2013. USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah visits Az-zeer school, Bethlehem Governorate. Recently Global Communities (Formerly CHF International) constructed a new complex and rehabilitated the original building within the Local Government and Infrastructure Project (LGI) funded by USAID

On October 30, 2013 17 YLC groups from throughout the West Bank met for a roundtable summit, sharing their experiences and discussing such topics such as "Youth to Youth: transfer of the model and experience," "YLCs and Local Governance: an inclusive governance modelâ€‌ and "YLCs and local community: towards an innovative, accountable civil society."

Global Communities staff in an intensive participatory workshop, where around 100 people reviewed and strategized for the 2014 Local Government and Infrastructure Program (LGI), funded by USAID

On September 29, we celebrated the Green Apple Day of Service (started by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)with our colleagues around the world in India, the United States, and Colombia. Here in the West Bank, we had a great day planting, cleaning, and painting with teachers and students from the Saffa Secondary Boys School. Our main theme was ‘reuse‘ - how we can take what we consider trash and use it to beautify or even play games (like bowling!). Thanks to all the volunteers as well and USAID West Bank/Gaza for funding and supporting this day.

Under the patronage of his Excellency Dr. Rami Al Hamdalla, the Grapes Festival was launched yesterday in Hebron Governorate. Through funds from USAID, and to support the Youth Local Councils(YLCs), Global Communities (Formerly CHF International) encouraged youth empowerment and participation in the festival by supporting Halhul YSLC.