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Shiam is a locally registered non-profit organization that aims to spread principles of good citizenry, democracy, and good governance among Palestinian youth. It is the spin-off organization of the internationally recognized Palestinian Youth Local Councils (YLCs) initiative that was initiated by Global Communities.
in 2008 to develop youth as accountable leaders’ who believe in and practice democracy, good governance, equality, humanity and their own agency to effect positive change in their society. The YLCs are voluntary bodies of Palestinian youth aged 15-22 years elected by their peers in their communities. They receive significant training to help identify and solve community problems by building effective partnerships with public and private stakeholders. 

What began in 2008 as a pilot in four communities of the West Bank with 700 participating youth has now become a national movement established in more than 50 communities engaging more than 50,000 youth, males, and females. Over the past decade, YLCs implemented multiple impactful projects that solved community problems and advocated for local and national policy change including ones related to the rights of people with disabilities. 

Shiam organization was founded by Palestinian leading youth advocates, YLCs alumni, and non-partisan civic engagement activists. It was established to sustain the YLCs venture, scale up and institutionalize its national presence, enhance coordination, networking and synergies between all YLCs, provide an advocacy platform for effective policy change, and build youth capacity through targeted pieces of training and practical engagement in their communities’ social, cultural and economic development. 
Youth Local Council (YLC) initiative received the 10th Annual John P. McNulty Prize. The Prize, amounting to $100,000, was invested as a seed fund to launch the activities of Shiam.
Core Activities:
1. Support the flourishment and continuity of current YLCs
2. Establishment of new YLCs
3. Advocate inclusiveness and strategic youth engagement.
Supportive Activities to address critical youth issues of economic engagement and employment
1. Engage youth in internship programs and job shadowing schemes.
2. Work with private and governmental vocational training centers. 


1. Private sector partnerships focused on economic growth activities.
2. Grant funding supporting core and supportive activities engaging youth.