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The first GREEN SCHOOL in the West Bank & Gaza is ready!


Global Communities takes great pride in completing the construction of the Aqqaba Secondary Girls’ School – Tubas Governorate, the first Green School in the West Bank & Gaza according to the Palestinian Higher Green Building Council (PHGBC) guidelines.

Global Communities finished the construction of a two-floor green school building, which includes 7 classrooms, a computer lab, arts and crafts room, library, social worker’s room, teachers’ room, science laboratory, administration rooms, and other facilities.

The Aqqaba School incorporates many green elements in the project design and implementation to satisfy specific prerequisites required for it to be considered a silver certified green building in accordance with the Palestinian Green Building Guidelines. The green elements in the project maximize energy and water efficiency and ensure best management of construction waste including waste separation at the site for reuse or recycling. While Aqqaba is the only project under the USAID-funded Local Government and Infrastructure (LGI) program that will receive green certification, Global Communities prides itself on incorporating green elements to the extent possible in all its projects.

Global Communities handed the school over to the Aqqaba Municipality in a ceremony attended by representatives from the Aqqaba municipality, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Tubas, the Ministry of Local Government in Tubas, and the Palestinian Security Forces.