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Contact Us

Jerusalem Office
4 Ibn Jubair Street, Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem 
P.O. Box: 25122, Jerusalem, 97300 
Phone Number: +972 2 5855827

Ramallah Office
Al Wa'd Building, Al Moba'deen Street, Al Balou', AlBireh
Phone number: +970 2 2413616
Fax: +970 2 2413614

Gaza Office
Ghazi Al Shawwa Building, Al Wehda Street, Al Rimal, Gaza
Phone number: +970 8 2884707
Fax: +970 8 2884704

For more information & inquiries please contact us at: info@globalcommunities.ps

To read more about our work worldwide, please see the Global Communities main site – www.globalcommunities.org


Please note that Global Communities or its Vitas Group partners never send unsolicited emails or requests for personal information. Should you receive a request appearing to use our name or logo, or if you have concerns about the authenticity of any outreach that appears to represent Global Communities or any of our employees, please contact us. Please do NOT respond to the request, click links, or send money, information, or personal bank details.