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Efforts to enhance youth‘s understanding of women in leadership

Gender and women in leadership training workshop held for volunteers involved in the initiative


Our youth are our future. Global Communities – West Bank & Gaza, in cooperation with Injaz, is reaching out to Palestinian youth to enhance their understanding of women in leadership and gender mainstreaming. Global Communities and Injaz, working in coordination with the Ministry of Education, selected 10 girls’ schools from across the West Bank to participate in a special activity entitled “Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Promoting Leadership and Labor Opportunities among Young Women.”

The students from a 10th grade class in each school are participating in site visits to governmental institutions and Global Communities infrastructural projects to meet professional women – female role models in a variety of professional and leadership positions. In addition, Global Communities and Injaz conducted an orientation training today for volunteers who will visit these students in their classrooms to increase their awareness about women in leadership, share examples of women leaders in their communities, and facilitate an open discussion with the students. Each class will represent its school in a “Women and Leadership” contest in which each class will develop its own project for expressing their vision of women leadership and sharing that vision with others. The class will later present the project to a panel of judges. The winning school will be awarded $500 and their winning entry will be featured by Global Communities.