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A Female Farmer in Gaza? Mumkin!

Written by Mohamed Al Sharef, Agriculture Team Leader

Being a farmer in Gaza is a tough job. Limited agricultural land and the resulting intensive use of pesticides to increase crop yield coupled with the shortage of water are major challenges faced by farmers, a largely male dominated profession in Gaza. But due to the stagnant Gazan economy, farming is undertaken excessively. The resulting fruits and vegetables are not enough to feed the population and are tainted with chemicals making them unsafe for consumption.

International organizations have been addressing the above issue by providing food aid, largely consists of dry food, to families in Gaza for decades. However, this is not enough for families, especially children, to get a nutritionally balanced diet. Additionally, receiving this essential food aid makes families in Gaza reliant on international organizations and unable to determine and take care of their own food needs. To build on the existing strength and resiliency of Gazans, CHF in partnership with Mercy Corps and USAID through the Palestinian Community Assistance Program (PCAP), initiated a food security activity, which focused on providing Gazan families with the ability to grow their own food.